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Hey guys! Wanted to talk briefly about the fictional elements of my book.

I have approached certain aspects of my story in a way that allows a somewhat limitless resource of fantasy element to my story.

What I mean by all that is my story is very much influenced and based within a realistic and believable world setting, it’s something that I wanted my story to be set in as I wanted to make it easy to digest for my readers and to make the fictional aspects of the story be a lot more believable.

I say this as there are a few things in the “Book of Ascension” that could easily be something you might find in a fantasy novel or science fiction book.

This however is what I didn’t want people to see my story as, one of my main aims with the story is to open peoples minds as to what is possible in real life, what people are capable of and to realise the amount of potential that our race have or could have.

Now I know I have kept you guys waiting for a chance to actually peep a piece of my book, but that something you will have to bare with ^__^

Until then guys please take a look at this article here!

This is a blog post I found, that discusses the anti-science movement that has developed across the world an the effect it has on our society, I really connected with it as I thought it tied in with a theme that I will cover in my story that deals with the limited availability of information to us and the knowledge that we do have is only a controlled fraction of what there actually is available out there if we only knew where to look.

It’s that theme that allows me to make the unbelievable aspects of my story more believable for my readers, so although my story is based in realism it sneakily enables my story to add in science fiction, fantasy, horror and fable elements. Coz everybody loves that stuff wright?


Aiden out!


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Heya peeps! ^__^ Today I shall share with you a tiny taste of what I have been researching for my book “The Book of Ascension”

As I think I have mentioned in earlier post’s on the blog, my story covers a lot of interesting themes and subjects, which for the readers I think is a good thing. As long as it doesn’t bewilder the reader with information overload.

The book does have a main message paramount in its story but there are many subjects and themes that my story will touch upon, some with depth others just a dip, that I think helps give the reader a sense of the world that my characters live in and the possibilities that could exist in the real world as we know it.

The aim I guess it have people open their minds a little and not just think but also see outside the box! I want my book to have an effect on the readers perspective of the real world and not just to use it as a form of escapism but for it to make you guys ask questions.

…where was I O_0 oh yeah my research! Haha so below is two links to some nice articles on themes or subjects that are explored on my story.

The first one is about cognitive enhancement and the ethics and impact it could have on social inequality. Deep stuff, I know right?

see here

Aaand here is a link to another gem of an article all about the mental state known as “flow”, and the scientific efforts to truly master it and control it. I could use some of that flow to help me finish my book! ^__^

See also here

Enjoy guys, should tease a few hints as to what to see in my book.

Aiden out! ^__^

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