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Evil genius Light from Death Note!


Hello again guys. Today I am talking about  creating your characters for your story and finding out that the detailed and complex motives that those characters have also create complex and detailed writing challenges for you as write your story. The main character in my book The Book of Ascension, has recently put me in one of those situations. Ive recently been trying to write a murder into my story, and I think writing a normal bog standard murder, however easy it may sound to write, is actually a difficult thing to do well.

Theres all sorts of continuity and minor details to think about in terms of the story etc, and theres the fact that murder in literature has been done countless times, so finding a method for murder that hasn’t been done before is a tricky one to tackle. Now this can become even further difficult when your character has life, motives, and personality traits that dictate the type of method that they would choose to use.

My main character Saul, is a bit of a genius, akin to that of Light Yagami from the awesome show “Death Note” (Please watch if you have not already), and so the murder method that I had to come up with for him to use had to be as equally intelligent and orignal. If the MI5 were to search my laptop they might think I was a strange individual, I have  been searching the web for information on murder, poisoning, assassinations and all manner of dark and questionable tidbits I could use to craft a suitable method of murder for my character to run with.

Just when I would come up with an amazing idea, I would later find out that its already been done elsewhere in other books, or T.V. shows. Thankfully I think I have finally found my method and although similar methods have been used, I think I can change it up and make it more unique enough to pass the originality test from my readers.

So please guys if you have ever had similar problems like these, then please let us know below and share your experience for anyone that is currently going through the same problem. Are there any tips you can give regarding being original when writing your story?



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Sup guys? Hope all is well, I have not posted anything for a while as I have had a full plate what with work, assignments, Drug calculation exams etc, but never the less I am still here and I thought what better way to whet your appetites with a few images and a video that I have been scouring the web for in order to research certain themes and subjects related to my book.

I thought I would share some of it with you as it might help you start to get a feel and taste for the type of world that my story takes place in. I did share a nifty post a while back from a fellow blogger who had done a similar thing as a way of giving a bit of reference material for her readers, I thought it was a great idea and so her I am ^__^.

So just recently I have been looking a lot at architecture, executive/corporate office design of the gothic and Illuminati-esque nature and in particular more research about the Illuminati in general. The reason for this is, well the Illuminati are one of the major entities within my story and are the major opposition to my main character and his group/organization. Of all the people in the world that would want the book of ascension and its assets I should think that the Illuminati would most likely be the chief amongst them trying to take it for themselves and certainly the most powerful and wealthy enough to do so.

The Ascendants, people who are trained and schooled under the group who have the book of ascension and the current raining ascendant championing its cause, are essentially also a secret society yet have different values and codes of ethics. The research I have done was because I needed inspiration on how to write the scenes and places that appear in the book, so please guys take a look at the small sample of some of the stuff I have been browsing in order to get a feel of what I will write about.

And I promise I will post a snippet of a draft soon, until then just hold tight.

Secret underground entrences

An abandoned warehouse with a secret hidden inside, the entrance to what?

So yeah there is going to be a lot of cloak and daggery in my book, and secret lairs are a major aspect of keeping the “Book of Ascension” a secure secret.

A boardroom where powerful secrets are discussed and plans are hatched

Luxurious office couture where power moves are made and plans decided upon all within the secluded underworld of closed off locations across the world, but to what end will these plans effect the everyday persons like yourselves? You will have to wait to find out in the “Book Of Ascension” ^__^

The illuminati style version of a secret office of operations.

Again more secrecy and dark shadowy decor, its like emo executive chic.

Maximum security vaults, with Illuminati symbology

Here is what you might call a maximum security vault, amazing what you can find on google images ya know! It has some resembling symbols in the picture that look a lot like the all seeing eye which of course is a hallmark of the Illuminati. I might work something similar into my story.

Luxurious offices

So in my story there will have a number of interesting locations for some of the key moments in the book, I have been looking a lot of concept architecture to help fuel my imagination to write these places into the story.

And finally the end of this long post, I give you a little video from a video game that is not released yet called ‘The Secret World”, This short clip is a little monologue that describes the core traits of what and who the Illuminati are and so its good to get a feel for the traits of these people who I will be writing about. So Check it out.

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Just a quick share here guys, great post that I will take a leaf from and start doing here on the book of ascension blog, i think it’s a great way of setting your readers on the right track and helping them to see your vision of what your writing about!

In The Lavender Room

Hi  there.  The  beautiful  city  which  forms  the  title  of  my  novella,  the  city  of  Omalas,  is  a  big,  grand  place,  and  I  wanted  it  to  have  a  certain  feel.  In  my  mind’s  eye  it  appeared  to  me  as  something  a  bit  like  the  city  of  Naboo  in  Star  Wars,  and  also  Rome.  These  pics  below  made  great  visual  reference  points  when  editing  my  first  draft,  as  I  realised  I  needed  to  describe  the city  in  greater  detail  to  help  my  readers  envisage  it.




These  images  get  across  the  kind  of  vastness  and  majesty  I  want  my  city  to  be  endowed  with.  Omalas  is  an  ancient,  beautiful  city  which  houses  an  old,  old  secret  within  its  bowels — I’m  still  working  on  editing  the  first  draft  but  I  hope  soon  to  get  a  sample  chapter  up  on  here.  I  look  forward  to  you  reading  it,  future  fans!

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