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Hey guys and girls! Just checking in after a lovely day of… Well just chilling out really.

Today I had a break from work and working on any writing of the book. Instead I went to check out the new library that has launched just recently in September.

I’d been hearing lots of cool things about the new Birmingham, (U.K.), Central library but just never got around to seeing it until today.

There are plenty places to chill out and read in. As well as many quiet areas to get writing done etc. They have a secret garden section on the roof which I could imagine myself brainstorming ideas in also.

They had a nifty little bird hunting game where you have to go around the whole library hunting for statues of different birds. On the statues were famous quotes from books that the bird is featured in. You take your bird leaflet around and fill in the missing quotes, once completed you take it as proof as your conquest and some reward is given to you in the form of book tokens. You could even hire some binoculars to use to hunt them down from afar, which should give you some idea as to the scope and size of the building.

They have a Shakespeare room with sculptures of old bill sitting around, funky pod chairs to sit in and read whilst encased in an orb of comfy hollowed out plastic, weird art and murals decorating the walls and a vast collection of music to sample.

All in all I had a nice chilled day out and an all important responsibility less day to unwind! ^__^.

Check the pics out below!







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Saul Stratton

Name: Saul Stratton

Age : 12

D.O.B : Unknown precise date of birth. date used is 01/01/2000 However only the year can be assured of it’s accuracy.

Place of Birth: A children’s playground known to the people in the area as “The Devils Haunt”. Situated in a small park that is frequently used by three distinct types of people. Those being drug dealers, drug abusers and the working girls of the red light district area that The Devils Haunt is known for.

Build : Skinny and gaunt in the face.

Hair : Black

Mother: Deceased during labour during the birth of Saul. Guardianship was taken up by a friend and colleague of Saul’s mother, who found baby Saul crying between the legs of her dead friend on the round about in Devil’s Haunt.

Father: Unknown

Persona: Quiet and withdrawn, only ever says what needs to be said, and prefers to be a recluse reading any factual source of information he can find. If he cant read about something then trying to find something on the television that feeds his hunger for knowledge and need of education and learning becomes his main priority. A dark side of his psyche dwells deep down within him and threatens to take over his usually passive nature. He finds it difficult to allow certain unjust situations that life throws at him happen when his darker side could easily rectify these problems when combined with his unique intelligence.

An abnormally intelligent boy for his age, able to sum up mathematical problems with little thought process needed to do so. Able to see between the normal conventions of puzzle solving and just understands what needs to be achieved in order to come to a desired conclusion. His I.Q. is helped by his keen photographic memory and Only limited by his unfortunate living circumstances and lack of wholesome parenting to guide his unique talents towards something deserving of them. A boy destined for greatness but held back by those around him, a true “Rose Among the Thorns”.

Likes: Reading Books. Watching World News whilst mapping the stories and events on the news to a large world map that he has in his bedroom. Deserts, after one of his frequent “cramming sessions” of knowledge he has noticed that even though his attention span is far greater than any other person his age or most people to be honest, that eventually his mind grows weary. Saul has found that when he eats certain foods, (which he has scientifically tested on himself), he can hold the attention for much longer and in tern continue what he likes doing best. Learning. Most people use such things like energy drinks etc but Saul has used strict scientific methodology to construct a system of foods that enable him to keep his brain in peak condition at all times. Even if it makes him appear to be eccentric and labelled a “weird kid”.

Dislikes: Loathes bullies, mainly because he is a prime target for those that are stronger and farther up the popularity chain than he is. Its not just children either, adults who use the simple fact that they are older than he to justify a reason as to why they are right and he is wrong even though Saul is almost always right with any argument that he may find himself in. He has great ability but is restricted by the young frail body of a 12 year old boy. 

Hates awkward social interactions that put him out of his comfort zone and avoids any situation where they are likely to happen. He is unique and very different from those around him but situations that highlight this make him feel small claustrophobic. 

Fears: Saul is only afraid of what he is capable of when he is pushed too far, or challenged by those who try to prevent him from being himself. A fear of the dark thoughts that plague his mind when someone sets their sights on stopping him from doing his thing. He is fed up of taking tourment, being a punch bag or any abuse that he would otherwise have someone backing his corner as a friend or concerned parent to protect him if he was not so elevated because of his skills and abilities. He is far removed from anyone that might be his friend. So he struggles with the thought of revenge and dealing with these problems himself and what that might result in.

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The art of writing


Hey peeps! found another gem of an article on the web that I thought I should share for any of my fellow newbie writers out there looking for some advice or special tips on writing better. If you are like me and have a passion for story telling yet dont actually have much experience in writing professionally, whilst at the same time have thrown yourself into the daunting task of actually writing a book despite the aforementioned facts then please read this nifty article  right here! ^__^

I enjoy reading such things and I’m learning a lot from doing so, after all what better way to up your game by learning from people who are already literary black belts? In the foreseeable future I plan on using sites such as those that allow writers to put excerpts of their stuff online for people to critique but for now ill stick to my current training methods and work on putting excerpts here on the blog first!

What are the methods you guys use? Obviously reading more books helps but unconventional or strange methods of inspiration and style development do you use to help improve your game? I would love to know so please do share and comment below.




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Sup guys? Hope all is well, I have not posted anything for a while as I have had a full plate what with work, assignments, Drug calculation exams etc, but never the less I am still here and I thought what better way to whet your appetites with a few images and a video that I have been scouring the web for in order to research certain themes and subjects related to my book.

I thought I would share some of it with you as it might help you start to get a feel and taste for the type of world that my story takes place in. I did share a nifty post a while back from a fellow blogger who had done a similar thing as a way of giving a bit of reference material for her readers, I thought it was a great idea and so her I am ^__^.

So just recently I have been looking a lot at architecture, executive/corporate office design of the gothic and Illuminati-esque nature and in particular more research about the Illuminati in general. The reason for this is, well the Illuminati are one of the major entities within my story and are the major opposition to my main character and his group/organization. Of all the people in the world that would want the book of ascension and its assets I should think that the Illuminati would most likely be the chief amongst them trying to take it for themselves and certainly the most powerful and wealthy enough to do so.

The Ascendants, people who are trained and schooled under the group who have the book of ascension and the current raining ascendant championing its cause, are essentially also a secret society yet have different values and codes of ethics. The research I have done was because I needed inspiration on how to write the scenes and places that appear in the book, so please guys take a look at the small sample of some of the stuff I have been browsing in order to get a feel of what I will write about.

And I promise I will post a snippet of a draft soon, until then just hold tight.

Secret underground entrences

An abandoned warehouse with a secret hidden inside, the entrance to what?

So yeah there is going to be a lot of cloak and daggery in my book, and secret lairs are a major aspect of keeping the “Book of Ascension” a secure secret.

A boardroom where powerful secrets are discussed and plans are hatched

Luxurious office couture where power moves are made and plans decided upon all within the secluded underworld of closed off locations across the world, but to what end will these plans effect the everyday persons like yourselves? You will have to wait to find out in the “Book Of Ascension” ^__^

The illuminati style version of a secret office of operations.

Again more secrecy and dark shadowy decor, its like emo executive chic.

Maximum security vaults, with Illuminati symbology

Here is what you might call a maximum security vault, amazing what you can find on google images ya know! It has some resembling symbols in the picture that look a lot like the all seeing eye which of course is a hallmark of the Illuminati. I might work something similar into my story.

Luxurious offices

So in my story there will have a number of interesting locations for some of the key moments in the book, I have been looking a lot of concept architecture to help fuel my imagination to write these places into the story.

And finally the end of this long post, I give you a little video from a video game that is not released yet called ‘The Secret World”, This short clip is a little monologue that describes the core traits of what and who the Illuminati are and so its good to get a feel for the traits of these people who I will be writing about. So Check it out.

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Sup guys?! I have been reading a lot of blogs lately dealing with people who are writers etc and are going through a rough patch with their current work, or loosing momentum on writing for their blog or some form of lack in motivation.

For me the only time things like this effect me is if I start to doubt my ability in some way, if I’m overwhelmed by other great pieces of work that just seem to dwarf your idea or make you start to think that you can’t create something just as great from your own mind. The worst is when you think you have an amazing idea only to discover someone else has covered it exactly.

I felt like this recently after reading an article about a favourite author of mine, Vladimir Nabokov, of the Lolita and Pale Fire fame. I admire his style and witty method of writing.

So the article I read was talking about his rare and unique condition or should I say ability? … I dunno but he has this thing called “grapheme-color synesthesia” otherwise known as “colour hearing”.

He sees letters and words in different colour’s, and this helps him in the way he writes so creatively.

After reading the article (here) I thought shit! How can I hope to be a great author like that when I don’t have any autistic superpowers? 0__O

Haha …well people, I will endeavour to try, after all batman is awesome and has no powers at all.

Hang in there during these moments and stick to your guns.
Aiden out!

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Here is my find of the day guys! It’s an image that I stumbled upon whilst browsing the interweb when taking a break from writing!

It’s an interesting perspective I think, let us know what you think, personally I wasn’t sure I agreed with the message at first but slowly I have pondered it a little more and I’m thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea to test the advice out?

… Maybe on one of my lesser projects ^__^ until then I’ll keep scribing my day dream project and you guys please comment and let me know what you think.


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