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Evil genius Light from Death Note!


Hello again guys. Today I am talking about  creating your characters for your story and finding out that the detailed and complex motives that those characters have also create complex and detailed writing challenges for you as write your story. The main character in my book The Book of Ascension, has recently put me in one of those situations. Ive recently been trying to write a murder into my story, and I think writing a normal bog standard murder, however easy it may sound to write, is actually a difficult thing to do well.

Theres all sorts of continuity and minor details to think about in terms of the story etc, and theres the fact that murder in literature has been done countless times, so finding a method for murder that hasn’t been done before is a tricky one to tackle. Now this can become even further difficult when your character has life, motives, and personality traits that dictate the type of method that they would choose to use.

My main character Saul, is a bit of a genius, akin to that of Light Yagami from the awesome show “Death Note” (Please watch if you have not already), and so the murder method that I had to come up with for him to use had to be as equally intelligent and orignal. If the MI5 were to search my laptop they might think I was a strange individual, I have  been searching the web for information on murder, poisoning, assassinations and all manner of dark and questionable tidbits I could use to craft a suitable method of murder for my character to run with.

Just when I would come up with an amazing idea, I would later find out that its already been done elsewhere in other books, or T.V. shows. Thankfully I think I have finally found my method and although similar methods have been used, I think I can change it up and make it more unique enough to pass the originality test from my readers.

So please guys if you have ever had similar problems like these, then please let us know below and share your experience for anyone that is currently going through the same problem. Are there any tips you can give regarding being original when writing your story?



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the symbolic language of a sneaky person encrypts information so as to trick you and limit your understanding.
the symbolic language of an honest person encrypts information so as to help you unlock your understanding.

hypocrisy is a term to be used with caution but what to call one adverse to the same old and adverse to the unexpected new? stop the worship of money and the scales might be removed

Totally agree!

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Hey guys! Wanted to talk briefly about the fictional elements of my book.

I have approached certain aspects of my story in a way that allows a somewhat limitless resource of fantasy element to my story.

What I mean by all that is my story is very much influenced and based within a realistic and believable world setting, it’s something that I wanted my story to be set in as I wanted to make it easy to digest for my readers and to make the fictional aspects of the story be a lot more believable.

I say this as there are a few things in the “Book of Ascension” that could easily be something you might find in a fantasy novel or science fiction book.

This however is what I didn’t want people to see my story as, one of my main aims with the story is to open peoples minds as to what is possible in real life, what people are capable of and to realise the amount of potential that our race have or could have.

Now I know I have kept you guys waiting for a chance to actually peep a piece of my book, but that something you will have to bare with ^__^

Until then guys please take a look at this article here!

This is a blog post I found, that discusses the anti-science movement that has developed across the world an the effect it has on our society, I really connected with it as I thought it tied in with a theme that I will cover in my story that deals with the limited availability of information to us and the knowledge that we do have is only a controlled fraction of what there actually is available out there if we only knew where to look.

It’s that theme that allows me to make the unbelievable aspects of my story more believable for my readers, so although my story is based in realism it sneakily enables my story to add in science fiction, fantasy, horror and fable elements. Coz everybody loves that stuff wright?


Aiden out!

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Went out to do some more research today on the secret society/illuminati subject, as part of some knowledge building for my story! I have exhausted my eyeballs with all of the documentaries out there that cover these subjects, having watched crap loads of films by Alex Jones, Peter Joseph and David Icke. All that stuff was great for bolstering what I already knew and watching them has made me come up with some cool ideas for me to work into my book, but I felt that I should at least read a few books that are out there also, you know to diversify the content from which I research all my factoids from etcetera etcetera…

It was then that a friend of mine took me to this underground book store that houses tons of books on all matter of things, some old, some new, some that are banned! No seriously! and no its not pornographic >__<

I was told that I “cant share this place with anyone”, it was a secret and the only reason that I could come was because I was “writing a book that covers this type of shit!” (So eloquent ^__^) and that my friend had no real use for it anyway. He was joking of course but I think I will keep it a secret just so I can feel cool and in the in crowd for knowing a nifty little “Book Hive” that no one else knows about.

Secret book nest!












There were some great books that I definitely would have struggled to find elsewhere, and so now I must read and be inspired to whip up some more goodness that is “The Book of Ascension”!

^__^ Aiden out!

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This one is for all the fellow writers out there! Or maybe you’re a fellow Blogger or just have some assignment to finish for University!

Just wanted ask what your methods for getting that last chapter finished?, what gets you into the mood to write?

Personally I find that music helps me a lot to get into a frame of mind, and depending on the type of music that I choose has a distinct effect on the flavour of imagination that contort into the words that land on the page. Now this is not always a good thing, as I have been back to a piece of work that I wrote whilst in one of my musical scribing sessions and realised just how crap it was. Which is a practice that I often make a habit of doing.

“I mean going back to check what I have written after a small break, not writing a piece of crap! haha ^__^

I have been listening to all types of music to help me get in the mood and ill share this track from The Weekend with you, has some eerily chilling tones in his voice, its like he’s an emo/RnB singer, which is just crazy i know but hey it’s helping me, and yes I know it has lyrics but fortunately that does not disturb me when im writing. Some people prefer total silence but I guess I’m an altered beast. Please enjoy the tunage!

So please leave your comments and discuss on what helps you get in the zone for writing and share the wisdom.

Aiden out!

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Symbology, a symbol for power and mysticism

I took this and thought about using the star shape to form some sort of symbol that will adorn the front cover of “the book of ascension”, it has some illuminati type element to it I think? what do you say? comment and share below ^__^

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