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So yesterday was the final day of the Banned Books Week that ran from 30th of september up to the 6th of october. To be honest its the first time I have heard of it ^__^ hehe, but lots of blogs and websites have been putting up various lists of books that libraries around the world have been banning or books that have had people petitioning to have banned by concerned and disgruntled people who feel the content within the aforementioned books is something that should be censored or witheld from the reaches of our young fledgling book worms.

Okaaay! Well thats fine I suppose, Im not against the protection of our children’s minds when it comes to certain subject matter, should they accidentally come across 50 Shades of Grey for instance in the school library and start to ask mom and dad what anal fisting is and can they try it…

But what surprised me was that while reading many of these lists, many of them have titles on their are really quite harmless and I was perplexed by the unexpected books to appear on them. For instance there were titles that were shocking to see on a banned book list, titles that were understandable as to why it could be but ones that I wouldn’t have put onto the list and some that were your usual obvious ones that you might expect to see.



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Another great post found out in the blogverse, this one is from a blog that I follow myself and it has to do with a subject that I have discussed here on the bookofascension blog. That being the issue of violence and its use in your story! please check this post out and let me know what you think?

Hoover's Corner

While attending Chicon 7 I had the opportunity to attend a panel discussing violence in fantasy and how much was too much. Or if there was such a thing as too much.

The usual things you expect to be said on such a topic were said.

But I was surprised, genuinely surprised, no one seemed to really get it. I mean they kept saying things like “Violence is terrible and we don’t know why humans are so excited by it. It must say something fundamental about the human experience.”

I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand then and I don’t understand now. Violence is human. It’s who we are. It does define us. We can pretend otherwise, but the fact remains we are a violent species. All you have to do is open a history book of you don’t believe me. We respect and elevate and revere people like Gandhi, Dr…

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Evil genius Light from Death Note!


Hello again guys. Today I am talking about  creating your characters for your story and finding out that the detailed and complex motives that those characters have also create complex and detailed writing challenges for you as write your story. The main character in my book The Book of Ascension, has recently put me in one of those situations. Ive recently been trying to write a murder into my story, and I think writing a normal bog standard murder, however easy it may sound to write, is actually a difficult thing to do well.

Theres all sorts of continuity and minor details to think about in terms of the story etc, and theres the fact that murder in literature has been done countless times, so finding a method for murder that hasn’t been done before is a tricky one to tackle. Now this can become even further difficult when your character has life, motives, and personality traits that dictate the type of method that they would choose to use.

My main character Saul, is a bit of a genius, akin to that of Light Yagami from the awesome show “Death Note” (Please watch if you have not already), and so the murder method that I had to come up with for him to use had to be as equally intelligent and orignal. If the MI5 were to search my laptop they might think I was a strange individual, I have  been searching the web for information on murder, poisoning, assassinations and all manner of dark and questionable tidbits I could use to craft a suitable method of murder for my character to run with.

Just when I would come up with an amazing idea, I would later find out that its already been done elsewhere in other books, or T.V. shows. Thankfully I think I have finally found my method and although similar methods have been used, I think I can change it up and make it more unique enough to pass the originality test from my readers.

So please guys if you have ever had similar problems like these, then please let us know below and share your experience for anyone that is currently going through the same problem. Are there any tips you can give regarding being original when writing your story?


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Hello people, today I have been pondering on what it would be like to actually own the “Book of Ascension”. Or more importantly what it would be like to be an “Ascendant”. Now obviously this is an easy question to answer, as I am sure it would suck!

Sure you would be the most powerful person on earth and rich beyond your wildest dreams, but only at the cost of being a target for anyone else that knows about the book and wants it for themselves. Anyone that does want it would surely perform a great deal of unsavoury acts and devilishly cunning plans in order to attain the mystical knowledge contained within.

So anyone that was an “Ascendant” would need to know some form of self-defence, in case of an encounter with the latest assassins and bounty hunters tasked with attaining the prized possession should occur, after all there is only so much that power and wealth can protect.

It was this train of thought that lead me to do some research on a suitable form of self-defence that my main character would use if such an encounter would present itself. I told myself that whatever I chose as his style, must first and foremost reflect his personality and it had to be something that is realistic. I did not want the book to end up being “Hollywood” in its approach to the action segments of the book. As I pointed out in one of my previous post’s here on the blog, I wanted the approach towards violence and action in the story to be realistic first and foremost, to prevent it from being unbelievable and “popcorn movie-esque” in its approach.

That is not to say that I don’t want those segments in the book to be as thrilling and entertaining to read as a blockbuster movie though. So after much comparative research on different styles of self-defence and martial arts, I found myself unsatisfied with what I could find, nothing felt believable, nothing fitted the character without making him some sort of action hero.

I decided to have him learn the art of using a gun, target practice and a silenced pistol is a good self-defence method. Point and shoot right? Okay I will have him learn that, but he needs a back up method in case he has runs out of bullets or is disarmed or something, so I pondered some more!

The style I chose was going to have to be something that anyone can learn with ease and was also a guaranteed confrontation finisher if used against any type of opponent regardless of their strength or skill.

So that’s when I decided to dream up my own philosophy of self-defence for my character to use. In essence it is best described as “primal survival”. A form of savagery that makes the makes the user succumb to their animal instincts and survive at any cost, the only knowledge it requires is the basic knowledge of weaknesses of the human body and its limits.

primal survival

Everyone has eyes in their face so why punch someone in the face and hope they are knocked out? why not just get close enough to your opponent in order to puncture his eyeballs? That would surely stop your attacker from perusing you would it not?


Normal people would find it hard to do something like this because, well its pretty gruesome and not to mention what the legal ramifications of blinding someone or tearing their throat out would imply.

But that is the point, Saul has the survival instinct and nature to be able to do this sort of thing without conscience or hesitation if he needed, and the fact that he is an “Ascendant” places him above the law so there are no ramifications to consider. Saul is not a normal person.

So a self-defence strategy that is based around survival by ending your opponents existence as fast as possible. Using lethal attacks to tear, gouge, bite, rip and rend at the opponents weakest and most vulnerable parts of the body.

Hmmm… interesting, but there’s something missing. He needs something in order to make this easier. Saul is not a mutant or wolf man, no he is far better. He is human. But he needs to be able to tear, gouge, bite and rip with ease.

Hmmm… I know, he will use this!

Primal glove

This is the only thing I could find on Google images that was similar to what I had in mind. It  is less dramatic looking than this and less erotic in my imagination. ^__^

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Its hammer time!Like a lot of people I draw my inspirations from similar and other forms of artistic content. For me these inspirations come from experiences in life, my thoughts and interpretations of the world around me and also other people’s work or artistry that I admire, including :- Film, Books, Music and Art in general.


I especially enjoy it when you see someone create something that is exactly how you would have envisioned it whatever it may be!

This scene from one of my all time favourite films “Old Boy” by director park-chan-wook is exactly how I tend to approach violence within the Book of Ascension, with a raw brutality to it and an emphasis on realism, nothing flashy or unbelievable like most Hollywood films would depict!

Please if you have never seen this film then go get it now, here is a taste of the scene that inspired me. ^_^  (more…)

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Aiden Lee

Aiden Lee

So here is my plot summary guys, this will give you all a taste of what to expect from my work of fiction and hopefully will keep you hooked in and wanting more updates and info on the creation of my masterpiece. I promise I will have the first mini sample of the book posted up on here soon but until then please keep following us and watch out for more on what im doing and the things that have inspired me and the project! ^__^.

The Book of Ascension is a tale that begins (more…)

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Welcome to my blog! It is here that I will aim to frequently post excerpts of my current work of fiction, a book I am working on and trying to get published. Titled “The Book of Ascension”  (more…)

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