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Guys if your a writer, a poet or blogger, maybe your hilarious and have jokes? If you fit any of these descriptions and you own a smart phone or iPad then please do yourselves a favour and get this app!!…like now ^__^

Opuss is a nifty little app that I stumbled upon during one of those app store surfing sessions that you do to kill some time whilst waiting for someone else to get ready so you can move on with your day!

It’s kinda like instagram (another amazing app) but instead of photo’s it lets you share words to a mass community of like minded people. You can follow other users and they can follow you as well as rate and comment of what you share! It can be a script or shirt story, a poem or joke or anything really but I think the benefits of reaching large numbers of readers and getting feedback is a priceless advantage.


Oh did I mention it’s free? So it is actually priceless. I am going to be using it and I think you guys should too!

The creators will post up literary competitions on there for people to enter, and the social element to it is fun and useful to anyone wanting to learn from and connect with other writers etcetera.


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