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Saul Stratton

Name: Saul Stratton

Age : 12

D.O.B : Unknown precise date of birth. date used is 01/01/2000 However only the year can be assured of it’s accuracy.

Place of Birth: A children’s playground known to the people in the area as “The Devils Haunt”. Situated in a small park that is frequently used by three distinct types of people. Those being drug dealers, drug abusers and the working girls of the red light district area that The Devils Haunt is known for.

Build : Skinny and gaunt in the face.

Hair : Black

Mother: Deceased during labour during the birth of Saul. Guardianship was taken up by a friend and colleague of Saul’s mother, who found baby Saul crying between the legs of her dead friend on the round about in Devil’s Haunt.

Father: Unknown

Persona: Quiet and withdrawn, only ever says what needs to be said, and prefers to be a recluse reading any factual source of information he can find. If he cant read about something then trying to find something on the television that feeds his hunger for knowledge and need of education and learning becomes his main priority. A dark side of his psyche dwells deep down within him and threatens to take over his usually passive nature. He finds it difficult to allow certain unjust situations that life throws at him happen when his darker side could easily rectify these problems when combined with his unique intelligence.

An abnormally intelligent boy for his age, able to sum up mathematical problems with little thought process needed to do so. Able to see between the normal conventions of puzzle solving and just understands what needs to be achieved in order to come to a desired conclusion. His I.Q. is helped by his keen photographic memory and Only limited by his unfortunate living circumstances and lack of wholesome parenting to guide his unique talents towards something deserving of them. A boy destined for greatness but held back by those around him, a true “Rose Among the Thorns”.

Likes: Reading Books. Watching World News whilst mapping the stories and events on the news to a large world map that he has in his bedroom. Deserts, after one of his frequent “cramming sessions” of knowledge he has noticed that even though his attention span is far greater than any other person his age or most people to be honest, that eventually his mind grows weary. Saul has found that when he eats certain foods, (which he has scientifically tested on himself), he can hold the attention for much longer and in tern continue what he likes doing best. Learning. Most people use such things like energy drinks etc but Saul has used strict scientific methodology to construct a system of foods that enable him to keep his brain in peak condition at all times. Even if it makes him appear to be eccentric and labelled a “weird kid”.

Dislikes: Loathes bullies, mainly because he is a prime target for those that are stronger and farther up the popularity chain than he is. Its not just children either, adults who use the simple fact that they are older than he to justify a reason as to why they are right and he is wrong even though Saul is almost always right with any argument that he may find himself in. He has great ability but is restricted by the young frail body of a 12 year old boy. 

Hates awkward social interactions that put him out of his comfort zone and avoids any situation where they are likely to happen. He is unique and very different from those around him but situations that highlight this make him feel small claustrophobic. 

Fears: Saul is only afraid of what he is capable of when he is pushed too far, or challenged by those who try to prevent him from being himself. A fear of the dark thoughts that plague his mind when someone sets their sights on stopping him from doing his thing. He is fed up of taking tourment, being a punch bag or any abuse that he would otherwise have someone backing his corner as a friend or concerned parent to protect him if he was not so elevated because of his skills and abilities. He is far removed from anyone that might be his friend. So he struggles with the thought of revenge and dealing with these problems himself and what that might result in.


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Heya people! Aaah Valentine’s day! Soon I will be going out for a dinner somewhere for the occasion, and yes I didn’t plan a damn thing and left it late! But anyway today got me thinking about the subject of love or more importantly the idea of a love intrest in my story “The Book of Ascension”.

Much like the whole valentine malarky, I have kind of chosen to deal with this aspect of my story much later in the creation progress. Why is this you ask?


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Heya peeps! ^__^ Today I shall share with you a tiny taste of what I have been researching for my book “The Book of Ascension”

As I think I have mentioned in earlier post’s on the blog, my story covers a lot of interesting themes and subjects, which for the readers I think is a good thing. As long as it doesn’t bewilder the reader with information overload.

The book does have a main message paramount in its story but there are many subjects and themes that my story will touch upon, some with depth others just a dip, that I think helps give the reader a sense of the world that my characters live in and the possibilities that could exist in the real world as we know it.

The aim I guess it have people open their minds a little and not just think but also see outside the box! I want my book to have an effect on the readers perspective of the real world and not just to use it as a form of escapism but for it to make you guys ask questions.

…where was I O_0 oh yeah my research! Haha so below is two links to some nice articles on themes or subjects that are explored on my story.

The first one is about cognitive enhancement and the ethics and impact it could have on social inequality. Deep stuff, I know right?

see here

Aaand here is a link to another gem of an article all about the mental state known as “flow”, and the scientific efforts to truly master it and control it. I could use some of that flow to help me finish my book! ^__^

See also here

Enjoy guys, should tease a few hints as to what to see in my book.

Aiden out! ^__^

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Aiden Lee

Aiden Lee

So here is my plot summary guys, this will give you all a taste of what to expect from my work of fiction and hopefully will keep you hooked in and wanting more updates and info on the creation of my masterpiece. I promise I will have the first mini sample of the book posted up on here soon but until then please keep following us and watch out for more on what im doing and the things that have inspired me and the project! ^__^.

The Book of Ascension is a tale that begins (more…)

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