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Another great post found out in the blogverse, this one is from a blog that I follow myself and it has to do with a subject that I have discussed here on the bookofascension blog. That being the issue of violence and its use in your story! please check this post out and let me know what you think?

Hoover's Corner

While attending Chicon 7 I had the opportunity to attend a panel discussing violence in fantasy and how much was too much. Or if there was such a thing as too much.

The usual things you expect to be said on such a topic were said.

But I was surprised, genuinely surprised, no one seemed to really get it. I mean they kept saying things like “Violence is terrible and we don’t know why humans are so excited by it. It must say something fundamental about the human experience.”

I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand then and I don’t understand now. Violence is human. It’s who we are. It does define us. We can pretend otherwise, but the fact remains we are a violent species. All you have to do is open a history book of you don’t believe me. We respect and elevate and revere people like Gandhi, Dr…

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Evil genius Light from Death Note!


Hello again guys. Today I am talking about  creating your characters for your story and finding out that the detailed and complex motives that those characters have also create complex and detailed writing challenges for you as write your story. The main character in my book The Book of Ascension, has recently put me in one of those situations. Ive recently been trying to write a murder into my story, and I think writing a normal bog standard murder, however easy it may sound to write, is actually a difficult thing to do well.

Theres all sorts of continuity and minor details to think about in terms of the story etc, and theres the fact that murder in literature has been done countless times, so finding a method for murder that hasn’t been done before is a tricky one to tackle. Now this can become even further difficult when your character has life, motives, and personality traits that dictate the type of method that they would choose to use.

My main character Saul, is a bit of a genius, akin to that of Light Yagami from the awesome show “Death Note” (Please watch if you have not already), and so the murder method that I had to come up with for him to use had to be as equally intelligent and orignal. If the MI5 were to search my laptop they might think I was a strange individual, I have  been searching the web for information on murder, poisoning, assassinations and all manner of dark and questionable tidbits I could use to craft a suitable method of murder for my character to run with.

Just when I would come up with an amazing idea, I would later find out that its already been done elsewhere in other books, or T.V. shows. Thankfully I think I have finally found my method and although similar methods have been used, I think I can change it up and make it more unique enough to pass the originality test from my readers.

So please guys if you have ever had similar problems like these, then please let us know below and share your experience for anyone that is currently going through the same problem. Are there any tips you can give regarding being original when writing your story?


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The art of writing


Hey peeps! found another gem of an article on the web that I thought I should share for any of my fellow newbie writers out there looking for some advice or special tips on writing better. If you are like me and have a passion for story telling yet dont actually have much experience in writing professionally, whilst at the same time have thrown yourself into the daunting task of actually writing a book despite the aforementioned facts then please read this nifty article  right here! ^__^

I enjoy reading such things and I’m learning a lot from doing so, after all what better way to up your game by learning from people who are already literary black belts? In the foreseeable future I plan on using sites such as those that allow writers to put excerpts of their stuff online for people to critique but for now ill stick to my current training methods and work on putting excerpts here on the blog first!

What are the methods you guys use? Obviously reading more books helps but unconventional or strange methods of inspiration and style development do you use to help improve your game? I would love to know so please do share and comment below.




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Hello all and everyone, im just checking in, as im sure many of you who are at all bothered, have wondered what has happened to me and the “Book of Ascension” lately. I can assure you I am still here and alive and well and the project is going ahead still, its just that I have come across that stage in many a writers journey, where everything just seems to be happening too fast at the most inconvenient of times. So this is the reason why I have had to devote my attentions towards other areas of my hectic and busy life.


Being a medical professional is very taxing, what with the 24 hour on call emergency rota, the duty to maintain my clinical competency with training and exams and bothersome assignments. Add to this other commitments like family, friends, my health and the little nitty gritty task of filling forms out for various personal administrative necessities like banking and other boring stuff…as you might well understand I have had to push the things I would like to do to the back of the line, and unfortunately keeping this blog fresh with content and writing my book for you guys to sample has been one of those things.

But like I always say its better to burn out than fade away! ^_^ and i promise I shall try harder to keep writing and finally put some of the book on the blog real soon, so please stay interested and stay patient. I haven’t completely stopped writing either, in between researching the inner complexities of informed consent and patient autonomy for my medical assignment I find my self day dreaming up scenarios or ideas for my story and its characters. When this happens I jot it down into my little brainstorm notebook to store away for me to come back to and hit the ground running when I start writing again.

I will try to stay fresh guys and I hope you understand.

Aiden ^_*

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Hey guys! Wanted to talk briefly about the fictional elements of my book.

I have approached certain aspects of my story in a way that allows a somewhat limitless resource of fantasy element to my story.

What I mean by all that is my story is very much influenced and based within a realistic and believable world setting, it’s something that I wanted my story to be set in as I wanted to make it easy to digest for my readers and to make the fictional aspects of the story be a lot more believable.

I say this as there are a few things in the “Book of Ascension” that could easily be something you might find in a fantasy novel or science fiction book.

This however is what I didn’t want people to see my story as, one of my main aims with the story is to open peoples minds as to what is possible in real life, what people are capable of and to realise the amount of potential that our race have or could have.

Now I know I have kept you guys waiting for a chance to actually peep a piece of my book, but that something you will have to bare with ^__^

Until then guys please take a look at this article here!

This is a blog post I found, that discusses the anti-science movement that has developed across the world an the effect it has on our society, I really connected with it as I thought it tied in with a theme that I will cover in my story that deals with the limited availability of information to us and the knowledge that we do have is only a controlled fraction of what there actually is available out there if we only knew where to look.

It’s that theme that allows me to make the unbelievable aspects of my story more believable for my readers, so although my story is based in realism it sneakily enables my story to add in science fiction, fantasy, horror and fable elements. Coz everybody loves that stuff wright?


Aiden out!

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Heya people! Aaah Valentine’s day! Soon I will be going out for a dinner somewhere for the occasion, and yes I didn’t plan a damn thing and left it late! But anyway today got me thinking about the subject of love or more importantly the idea of a love intrest in my story “The Book of Ascension”.

Much like the whole valentine malarky, I have kind of chosen to deal with this aspect of my story much later in the creation progress. Why is this you ask?


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Sup guys?! I have been reading a lot of blogs lately dealing with people who are writers etc and are going through a rough patch with their current work, or loosing momentum on writing for their blog or some form of lack in motivation.

For me the only time things like this effect me is if I start to doubt my ability in some way, if I’m overwhelmed by other great pieces of work that just seem to dwarf your idea or make you start to think that you can’t create something just as great from your own mind. The worst is when you think you have an amazing idea only to discover someone else has covered it exactly.

I felt like this recently after reading an article about a favourite author of mine, Vladimir Nabokov, of the Lolita and Pale Fire fame. I admire his style and witty method of writing.

So the article I read was talking about his rare and unique condition or should I say ability? … I dunno but he has this thing called “grapheme-color synesthesia” otherwise known as “colour hearing”.

He sees letters and words in different colour’s, and this helps him in the way he writes so creatively.

After reading the article (here) I thought shit! How can I hope to be a great author like that when I don’t have any autistic superpowers? 0__O

Haha …well people, I will endeavour to try, after all batman is awesome and has no powers at all.

Hang in there during these moments and stick to your guns.
Aiden out!

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