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I couldn’t have said it any better and I totally agree! ^__^

The Author Chronicles

Whether it be books or movies, questioning the leaps of faith that we in the audience are asked to make if we are to be convinced that the storyline is realistic is inevitable.  It is certainly one of the most popular discussions of any book or movie when people are debating if a certain scene could have really happened or not.

It occurred to me that an author has to have a good balance regarding this topic.  One of my favorite authors, Dan Brown, always seems to have a couple of scenes in every book that are so fantastic or amazing that it stretches the imagination.  And it works.  In my opinion, his books are mini-movies, and the pages practically turn themselves.  A fantastic scene that stretches the imagination is acceptable to me as long as it isn’t over done throughout the book. 

The same thing goes for movies, although…

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The sword and lazer podcast has just recently turned into a vidcast! What does that mean to you guys? Well if you are a geek like me or enjoy your fantasy and science fiction books and would like a cool web show to help you pick out what to read and check out next then the already popular podcast series has just recently got its own youtube channel and website than you can check out HERE. Its essentially a book club that brings you reviews and news on everything that is of a sword and sorcery or sci-fi flavour.

The first episode is up and available to watch and features a great interview with Author Scott Stigler. Its a great interview as he talks about his new book “Nocturnal” and showcases a trailer for the book to give you a tease as to what to expect when you read it. I thought the trailer was a good idea too, I might think about doing a trailer for “The Book of Ascension”, could be a great way of exposing your project to a wider audience!

Nocturnal still image

Still image from the Nocturnal Book trailer! by Scott Sigler

Scott stigler also has a website HERE. Theres all sorts of inspiration I got from these resources so please check them out if you are not already a fan of  the content they have to offer. Cant wait to see what comes next from the Sword and Lazer team also.

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Guys if your a writer, a poet or blogger, maybe your hilarious and have jokes? If you fit any of these descriptions and you own a smart phone or iPad then please do yourselves a favour and get this app!!…like now ^__^

Opuss is a nifty little app that I stumbled upon during one of those app store surfing sessions that you do to kill some time whilst waiting for someone else to get ready so you can move on with your day!

It’s kinda like instagram (another amazing app) but instead of photo’s it lets you share words to a mass community of like minded people. You can follow other users and they can follow you as well as rate and comment of what you share! It can be a script or shirt story, a poem or joke or anything really but I think the benefits of reaching large numbers of readers and getting feedback is a priceless advantage.


Oh did I mention it’s free? So it is actually priceless. I am going to be using it and I think you guys should too!

The creators will post up literary competitions on there for people to enter, and the social element to it is fun and useful to anyone wanting to learn from and connect with other writers etcetera.

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The art of writing


Hey peeps! found another gem of an article on the web that I thought I should share for any of my fellow newbie writers out there looking for some advice or special tips on writing better. If you are like me and have a passion for story telling yet dont actually have much experience in writing professionally, whilst at the same time have thrown yourself into the daunting task of actually writing a book despite the aforementioned facts then please read this nifty article  right here! ^__^

I enjoy reading such things and I’m learning a lot from doing so, after all what better way to up your game by learning from people who are already literary black belts? In the foreseeable future I plan on using sites such as those that allow writers to put excerpts of their stuff online for people to critique but for now ill stick to my current training methods and work on putting excerpts here on the blog first!

What are the methods you guys use? Obviously reading more books helps but unconventional or strange methods of inspiration and style development do you use to help improve your game? I would love to know so please do share and comment below.




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Hello all and everyone, im just checking in, as im sure many of you who are at all bothered, have wondered what has happened to me and the “Book of Ascension” lately. I can assure you I am still here and alive and well and the project is going ahead still, its just that I have come across that stage in many a writers journey, where everything just seems to be happening too fast at the most inconvenient of times. So this is the reason why I have had to devote my attentions towards other areas of my hectic and busy life.


Being a medical professional is very taxing, what with the 24 hour on call emergency rota, the duty to maintain my clinical competency with training and exams and bothersome assignments. Add to this other commitments like family, friends, my health and the little nitty gritty task of filling forms out for various personal administrative necessities like banking and other boring stuff…as you might well understand I have had to push the things I would like to do to the back of the line, and unfortunately keeping this blog fresh with content and writing my book for you guys to sample has been one of those things.

But like I always say its better to burn out than fade away! ^_^ and i promise I shall try harder to keep writing and finally put some of the book on the blog real soon, so please stay interested and stay patient. I haven’t completely stopped writing either, in between researching the inner complexities of informed consent and patient autonomy for my medical assignment I find my self day dreaming up scenarios or ideas for my story and its characters. When this happens I jot it down into my little brainstorm notebook to store away for me to come back to and hit the ground running when I start writing again.

I will try to stay fresh guys and I hope you understand.

Aiden ^_*

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