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A cool articles about the classification of writing styles in fiction that I stumbled upon I really liked it and hope you guys do to!


The Author Chronicles

When discussing a lot of the books I like to read, I find that this is one particular subject I like to bring up.  I coined the term myself as a way to categorize the way the book’s mythos (or supernatural / paranormal / magic / etc.) is implemented in the story.

By open mythos, I mean that the supernatural elements of the book are portrayed in open society.  That is to say that the book’s supernatural characters are known to society, and any practice of the supernatural, for example magic, is practiced openly.  There can be rules for such practice, as well as rules for certain characters, but they’re known by all.

Closed mythos means that the society resembles our own in real life, and any supernatural characters (or practice of certain magic, etc.) are only known by a few characters (usually the protagonist), and are not known to…

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