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For all those interested in getting some exposure for their work, a nifty list of comps to enter!

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Today I’m pondering about re-writes. What is it that you guys do when you have written a few paragraph’s, or maybe the latest chapter of a project you are working on and you go back to it after a break or maybe you read an old piece of work that is unfinished, when all of a sudden, “dah dah duhh”, you realise that the whatever it was you had written before the break has now miraculously turned to literary crap!

You read it back to yourself, and think what on earth was I thinking? Don’t know about you guys but this happens to me sometimes. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are a bad writer as you can’t write gold all the time, (can you?).

There are those writers that take there work ├╝ber serious and keep editing it to perfection as they are writing, however I prefer to write reams and go back to it for touch up’s later, after a little break!

So what happens then after you realise the epic fail you have produced! Do you go back to the drawing board and re-write or try and salvage the remains of what is salvageable? Does this happen to you guys or am I the only one? Please let me know and comment below, I could use your experience.

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