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This one is for all the fellow writers out there! Or maybe you’re a fellow Blogger or just have some assignment to finish for University!

Just wanted ask what your methods for getting that last chapter finished?, what gets you into the mood to write?

Personally I find that music helps me a lot to get into a frame of mind, and depending on the type of music that I choose has a distinct effect on the flavour of imagination that contort into the words that land on the page. Now this is not always a good thing, as I have been back to a piece of work that I wrote whilst in one of my musical scribing sessions and realised just how crap it was. Which is a practice that I often make a habit of doing.

“I mean going back to check what I have written after a small break, not writing a piece of crap! haha ^__^

I have been listening to all types of music to help me get in the mood and ill share this track from The Weekend with you, has some¬†eerily¬†chilling tones in his voice, its like he’s an emo/RnB singer, which is just crazy i know but hey it’s helping me, and yes I know it has lyrics but fortunately that does not disturb me when im writing. Some people prefer total silence but I guess I’m an altered beast. Please enjoy the tunage!

So please leave your comments and discuss on what helps you get in the zone for writing and share the wisdom.

Aiden out!


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