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Good day people, just a quick update on what I have been up to lately! I promise I am working my ass of to bring you a little excerpt of the book to put here on the blog for all of you to read, rate and comment, and I promise im not far away from achieving this milestone.

But I have also been doing some research on a number of interesting themes that are touched upon within my story!

The main character, Saul Stratton, has lead me to do some interesting background reading on the measurement and psychology of intelligence quota or IQ. I have been learning all about how IQ is measured, and in particular all of the different societies that exist for people who are super geniuses (is that a Word?) ^__^ Please check out the link below to see a snippet of what I have been researching as  I am sure it will give you more clues as to what type of person Saul is. See ya!



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