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Here is a clue or dip into the mind or personality of Saul Stratton our main character of the “Book of Ascension”. I thought to myself that this might be the sort of thing that a powerful and complex individual might have as home decor, what do you think? interesting sculpture huh?


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Symbology, a symbol for power and mysticism

I took this and thought about using the star shape to form some sort of symbol that will adorn the front cover of “the book of ascension”, it has some illuminati type element to it I think? what do you say? comment and share below ^__^

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Hey guys, just wanted to ask what it is that you already know about the Book of Ascension, (which is not much really….my fault haha), that intrigues you to want to know more?

As always I implore you to comment and make suggestions, but you could also fill out the poll below to help me give you what you want in future posts, and please dont ask for the ending haha, Aiden out ^__^.    (more…)

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