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Its hammer time!Like a lot of people I draw my inspirations from similar and other forms of artistic content. For me these inspirations come from experiences in life, my thoughts and interpretations of the world around me and also other people’s work or artistry that I admire, including :- Film, Books, Music and Art in general.


I especially enjoy it when you see someone create something that is exactly how you would have envisioned it whatever it may be!

This scene from one of my all time favourite films “Old Boy” by director park-chan-wook is exactly how I tend to approach violence within the Book of Ascension, with a raw brutality to it and an emphasis on realism, nothing flashy or unbelievable like most Hollywood films would depict!

Please if you have never seen this film then go get it now, here is a taste of the scene that inspired me. ^_^  (more…)


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Hi there fellow writers and fans of the blog! Whilst looking through some notes and chapters of my book looking for the right excerpt to be chosen as the first one to show on the blog, I noticed (more…)

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