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Here a nice article about helping youth to discover their writing ambition through self expression, I think it’s a great idea and a good thing to get involved in if you fancy a bit of writing related philanthropy! Click the link below! ^__^

the link!


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Check out the link below to find out what some of the best authors out there like to read!

Your favourite writers favourite books

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my link of the day

Check this interesting link to an article about famous author’s and their thoughts on writing fiction and the difference between writing truth!

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Went out to do some more research today on the secret society/illuminati subject, as part of some knowledge building for my story! I have exhausted my eyeballs with all of the documentaries out there that cover these subjects, having watched crap loads of films by Alex Jones, Peter Joseph and David Icke. All that stuff was great for bolstering what I already knew and watching them has made me come up with some cool ideas for me to work into my book, but I felt that I should at least read a few books that are out there also, you know to diversify the content from which I research all my factoids from etcetera etcetera…

It was then that a friend of mine took me to this underground book store that houses tons of books on all matter of things, some old, some new, some that are banned! No seriously! and no its not pornographic >__<

I was told that I “cant share this place with anyone”, it was a secret and the only reason that I could come was because I was “writing a book that covers this type of shit!” (So eloquent ^__^) and that my friend had no real use for it anyway. He was joking of course but I think I will keep it a secret just so I can feel cool and in the in crowd for knowing a nifty little “Book Hive” that no one else knows about.

Secret book nest!












There were some great books that I definitely would have struggled to find elsewhere, and so now I must read and be inspired to whip up some more goodness that is “The Book of Ascension”!

^__^ Aiden out!

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Sharing the goodness from another nifty blog! So much goodness in one post here people need tips and info on certain aspects of writing then check this out!!

The Author Chronicles

Time for another jam-packed Top Picks Thursday!

What is writing all about? For Julie Musil, writing is all about communication. For James Scott Bell, writing is all about connecting to the readers.

James Scott Bell will be the keynote at this year’s The Write Stuff conference (March 16-17), sure to be a great experience for all comers. And for those lucky writers who can manage six weeks away from the world, the 2012 Clarion West Writer’s Workshop runs June 17 through July 27.

Also, Strange Chemistry is having an open submission for unagented authors of YA speculative fiction (SF, fantasy, horror or some combo of those).


We have all been told, “show, don’t tell.” Roz Morris gives a wonderful example of how to show something rather than tell. Donna Cummings, on the other hand, admonishes us to tell, don’t show—as in, tell the story as it…

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A cool articles about the classification of writing styles in fiction that I stumbled upon I really liked it and hope you guys do to!


The Author Chronicles

When discussing a lot of the books I like to read, I find that this is one particular subject I like to bring up.  I coined the term myself as a way to categorize the way the book’s mythos (or supernatural / paranormal / magic / etc.) is implemented in the story.

By open mythos, I mean that the supernatural elements of the book are portrayed in open society.  That is to say that the book’s supernatural characters are known to society, and any practice of the supernatural, for example magic, is practiced openly.  There can be rules for such practice, as well as rules for certain characters, but they’re known by all.

Closed mythos means that the society resembles our own in real life, and any supernatural characters (or practice of certain magic, etc.) are only known by a few characters (usually the protagonist), and are not known to…

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For all those interested in getting some exposure for their work, a nifty list of comps to enter!

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